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Indonesian Baju Muslim, Baju Muslim mecca deserves even become the world

"Indonesia is also very attractive design, certainly provides new color in the Muslim fashion world, " said dressmaker from Palembang which has been chosen as the opener in the event viewer muslim Paris trend show.

Paris among the fashion mecca of the world, inhabited with the lovers of fashion trends are certainly literate. Losing bright colors that became popular trend of 2011 and apparently the area community. Consequently, simple enough for Moslem Indonesia, especially the design of Dian Pelangi, recognised for playing bold colorations, to attract the interest of fashionistas in London.

"If the Arabs tend to like dark colors because they are often required to employ dark clothes like ebony or gray. But Parisians prefer colorful clothing and unique, instead usually tend to like the color a bit shocking, " said Dian.

Dian Pelangi fashion collections are displayed at fashion week 2012 Jakarta Fashion Week last November are also interested in fashion fans in Paris. Because the founder of this Community Hijabers more newfangled coat brings fashion. Foresight to view the market needs to make coat designs sold properly in Paris. "Because there does exist winter and my coat is almost sold out, " your dog added.

The enthusiasm with the people of Europe against the Moslem Indonesia visible from shopping transactions at the show. In the experience of Dian, she do not bring home design fashions abaya, abaya and kaftan was missed because of his work through the exhibition in Paris. "The first day with the exhibition has been selling considerably. Day two men returned and was disappointed since clothing was gone, " said Dian who had felt sorry are unable to carry a large collection of luggage capacity restrictions as a result of knock.

Positive reception of European modern culture, especially in Paris, in the Moslem Indonesia certainly don't come just like which. Apparently, several Indonesia's leading designer artists there. That fact reinforced the confidence to produce Indonesia as the fashion center with the Muslim world. "I think it's worthy of Indonesia became the fashion center of the Muslim environment. But you'll be able that the market wishes Moslem Indonesia cheaper to buy to be used everyday or for a party dress, dress more wearable, " he or she said.

Indonesian Muslim fashion but not only presents a creative, completely unique and distinctive character. Ways to Indonesia veiled women also become the world's attention, at least in Paris, some sort of city of fashion recommendations. Including how veiled Dian which includes a unique style and interesting as turbans or convolution product. As a result, "course" was held briefly. Dian claims often are necessary to practice the style headband wrap model. Unmitigated, 10 trend style hooded youths exhibited Dian Indonesia may be to satisfy curiosity of people to the exhibition.

Require for modeling the hooded style Dian is in addition often found outside that exhibition area. "While within Paris, I also often meet with non-Muslims who are considering my clothing. For instance, when travelling the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Elysees, all too often, people look closely at my veil, several were deliberately asked me to apply how to wear veil Make the most of, "I improved Dian who claimed to help communicate in French with local communities to support student Indonesia and that Indonesian embassy in London.
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